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  • Admissions Application Fee Waiver Form

    To be eligible for an Admissions Application Fee Waiver you must meet following criteria:

    • Dependent students:
      • Copy of the first page of parent(s) income tax return showing Median Family Income (MFI) OR
      • Have an ACT, SAT or TRIO fee waiver or other applicable documentation.
    • ‚ÄčIndependent students:
      • Copy of the first page of your income tax return showing Median Family Income (MFI) or applicable documentation.

    To determine if you are eligible based on your MFI (based on income tax return) use the following link, http://wsac.wa.gov/state-need-grant

    If you determine you are eligible for a fee waiver please fill out and submit the Admissions Application Fee Waiver form  by choosing one of the below application types.  Please follow the instructions given on each waiver form.  Once you've completed the fee waiver form remember to submit it.  After your fee waiver has been processed by the Admissions Office you will be sent an email with instructions on next steps.  If you pay the $50 application fee before you receive your next step instruction it will not be refunded.

    If you have questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@cwu.edu or 509-963-1211.

  • Personal Information

    • [mm/dd/yyyy]
  • Enrollment Information
  • Running Start Enrollment
  • Dual Enrollment Information
  • Income
    • Parent and Student Income Tax Return or other Documentation of Income is Required for Dependent Students

      If you are using ACT, SAT, TRIO or other fee waiver documentation, please use the upload feature at the bottom of this form to send your documents. Please type N/A in the income section.

  • Signatures
    • By filling out the information below, and submitting this form, I certify that to the best of my knowledge statements I have made in this application are complete and true
    • (If you are Dependent. If you are Independent type N/A)

  • Supporting Documents
    Please attach all supporting documents